Chibi-fied Lego Vehicles Are Brilliantly Cute

Just look at that lil' Lego Serenity! The Brothers Brick are running a fan contest to build micro-scaled Lego vehicles fit for one minifigure, and some of the entries are awesomely inventive models on a tiny, adorable scale.

Header Image Credit: Captain Mal and the Serenity by Lestranger Absurde

The 'Microfighter' concept is one borrowed from Lego themselves - it's a range they launched as part of their Star Wars line last year (here's a few official examples). But with the creative tinkering of Lego fans, it's a concept that can be applied to whatever you can property you can think of. Check out some of the neatest entries below:


Dr. Grant and a Chibi Ford Explorer from Jurassic Park, by Larry Lars

Picard and the Enterprise-D by Pellaeon


Mini Milano by Mr F


Speed Racer's Mach 6 by Nick Sweetman

But it's not just Pop Culture heroes getting the Micro treatment, as Shannon Sproule's Astronaut shuttle shows:


Awesome! You can see all of the contest entries so far in this Flickr gallery.

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