China is building an alien looking mobius strip-inspired bridge

Because China lives in a world where they can build anything by yesterday, we often get to see a lot of architectural miscues and all around building hilariousness. This isn't one of them. This one's actually awesome.


NEXT Architects has just won a competition to build this mobius strip-inspired bridge in Meixi Lake in China and it just looks out of this world.

The pedestrian bridge, which spans a river, is 500 feet across and almost 80 feet tall at its highest point. There are different walkways on the bridge which offer different heights and different views. It's all steel but it almost looks like an organic life form. Like an alien tentacle resting against the river.

The mobius strip inspiration is obvious. If you remember, Meixi Lake is a project city of sorts for China where they're building a massive 120 million square foot city from scratch.


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