China Shuts Down Those 22 Fake Apple Stores

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After authorities from the Chinese city of Kunming discovered 22 retail shops illegally masquerading as Apple stores and Apple filed a complaint, all 22 of those shops made their Apple branding vanish.


According to TechWorld, every shop removed the logos last week:

The city ordered all unauthorized Apple vendors to cease using the Apple trademarks by August 10, this past Wednesday. This included any decorative logos found on door entrances and clothes. All 22 stores complied with the demand.

Furthermore, 11 of those shops are currently under investigation. This might actually be the first time I've ever heard of chinese counterfeiters getting in trouble. [TechWorld]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I'm surprised China is responding to a complaint from Apple. Usually they just do whatever they want. I guess Apple has some influence over there?