China's Newest Apple Store Is A Calligraphy Masterpiece

I am defiantly not an Apple Store kinda person. I've yet to queue up for the latest iPhone, certainly don't aimlessly browse around during my lunch hour, and buy all my cases off Amazon. But Apple's latest chunk of Cupertino on foreign soil would make me change all that.


For the opening of its latest store in Hangzhou, Apple drafted in calligrapher Wang Dongling to paint a stunning mural for the front of the store. The artwork is in fact a poem, "Praising West Lake in the Rain", a 2000-year-old work that celebrates the importance of the provincial capital.

The video above is pure Apple — soft stock footage, a story about the delicate balance between new and old, an excessive number of sunsets — but it doesn't take away from what is honestly a neat idea. I mean heck, any change from two-storey metal and glass staircases is fine by me. [Apple via Gizmodo Australia]

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Wong Dangling

Fixed that for you.