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In a country with iron-fisted speech policies like China, when bloggers start calling for a full-blown popular uprising, it's a pretty dangerous time to be a blogger. That's exactly what writer Ran Yunfei has found, arrested for his anti-government views.


After Middle East revolts sparked some Hey, why not here, too commentary between China's digital dissident community, the government clamped down hard—Reuters reports over 100 online critics have been arrested or reported missing since Twitter and blog chatter about a "Jasmine Revolution" began circulating last month.

Ran's been detained for over a month without any reason provided— his formal arrest (for "inciting subversion of state power") only declared now. It could be months until the full consequences of his arrest are clear, and years in prison are a very real possibility.


It's always been risky to stick your neck out and speak ill of China's ruling party—but now seems like particularly dire timing. [Reuters]

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