Illustration for article titled Chinese University Students Want Me To Diddle My Car to Start It

It's dark. There's a box. It beckons. You stick your finger in and curl "your index finger towards you in a summoning motion". Congratulations, you've just started your car.

Two students, Zhao Wencai and Li Zhoumu, invented this gesture-based car interaction as a presentation for the third China-International Road Safety Expo. Not only can you pleasure your car to start it, you can shove your middle finger in there onto a fingerprint scanner to read how high your blood alcohol level is. Another possible use is as a security system, so the car wouldn't start unless your finger belonged to one of the registered drivers.


Our prediction? These two students HAVE to be girls, or else they'd be more aware of the gesture they were promoting for this device. [Traffic Technology Today via Wired]

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