Right now, millions of people around the globe are desperately trying to make it home for Christmas. Some of those journeys will go smoothly; others will be completely frustrating. But, like Chris Rea sings, even if it takes some time, don't worry: you'll get there. Eventually.

Written years before it was actually recorded and released, the song—unsurprisingly—takes its inspiration from a Christmas drive home when Rea was stuck in traffic. He told the BBC back in 2009 that his wife had driven the length of the UK to pick him up by car because it was cheaper than catching a train. Sadly, the traffic getting out of London was bad enough that he found time to write a song during the trip.


He refers to it as a "car version of a carol". Regardless of whether you think that's true, it does at least carry a strong message: however bad your trip seems, remember you have plenty to look forward to when you finally make it home. [YouTube]