Christopher Eccleston's New Doctor Who Adventures Are Finally Here

Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor is surrounded by explosions and his TARDIS console room in the cover for Big Finish's new audio drama series.
The Ninth Doctor is ready to save the universe again, for old times’ sake.
Image: Big Finish/BBC

He kept us waiting—which I guess is fair, for a Time Lord.

Big Finish has been teasing the arrival of its new line of Doctor Who audio adventures for a while now. It marks Christopher Eccleston’s first official return to the franchise since he departed the show in 2005. But after a long, long wait, the company has announced that, like a TARDIS showing up on your doorstep, the Doctor is in! As of today!

The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers collects three new episodes—Food Fight, Cataclysm, and Sphere of Freedom—starring Eccleston as the Doctor, wandering time and space in the wake of the soul-scarring events of the Last Great Time War. With a few new friends along the way in the form of Nova (Camilla Beeput) and Audrey (Jayne McKenna), the Doctor’s ready to stop the universe from being devoured by sinister forces, after his plan to stop an evil business empire goes horribly wrong.


The Ninth Doctor Adventures is available to purchase from Big Finish now, either as a digital or physical box set.

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Okay, this week so far, MST3K back, Venture Bros. back with movie, Christopher Eccelston back as the Doctor.  I literally can’t imagine what could be next to top this off.