Chrome Robot TV Stand - TMI

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Eventually a man's remote will control everything, until then, he'll need to settle for a TV stand. The Chrome Robots TV Stand can raise your TV 30cm with the touch of a button, or change its viewing angle up to 45 degrees. Other hi-tech features include a digital lighted watch with time, date, chronometer and alarm.

Chronometer with date and time? Seriously? Is this needed for anyone who watches TV? Most cable boxes auto configure with the proper date and time...and also manage to display the information pretty well...just like my VCR (gasp). We understand that Izyasam TV Stands Factory (Turkey) wants to stand out (no pun intended), but adding a clock randomly to something doesn't inflate its value. In fact, because the ploy is so cheap and 80's in nature, the whole idea stinks Wal-mart exclusive. And as for the adjustable viewing angle, most people who can afford to drop big bucks on an entertainment center can afford a TV that you can already actually see. But don't let me stop you from buying it.

Product Page [via bornrich]