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Chumby One Focuses More on Radio, Loses the Beanbag

Illustration for article titled Chumby One Focuses More on Radio, Loses the Beanbag

Two-years after the first Chumby helped kick-start widgets in Wi-Fi gadgets, a new version looks likely for November. First spied on blurrycam in August, the Chumby One has a new hard shell, FM and Internet radio, and a faster processor.


While the CPU has been bumped up from 350MHz to 454MHz, the 3.5-inch (320 x 240) touchscreen remains the same. There are about 1500 Chumby widgets for all sorts of things, like Google Calendar, Facebook, and Pandora radio.


Though there's no official word, it's believed the Chumby One will arrive next month for about $100. I kind of dig the retro alarm-clock look, and the lower price could sweeten the deal. [Gadgeteer]

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It's not as cute as the last one, but this one isn't covered in leather, so I might get it - really like the idea of Chumby, and if the first gen had been covered in fabric I'd own one now.