CinePlayer PDP100 Skinny Wall-Mounted DVD Player

Illustration for article titled CinePlayer PDP100 Skinny Wall-Mounted DVD Player

NuTech of Taiwan makes this skinny, wall-mountable DVD player to accentuate the metrosexual home theatre system you spent $15,000 to set up. The player is 1.8 centimeters thick (0.7 inches), weighs 430 grams (0.94 pounds) and even plays MPEG-4 and DivX files.


The PDP100 most likely doesn't do fancy things like upconverting your DVDs, but its hot looks will make up for any deficiencies in its feature set.

Available online for $167.

Product Page [avshop]

18mm DVD Player [Yanko Design via Sci Fi Tech]



YES! Finally somebody got a fucking clue about this idea. flat tv, flat wall mounted components. FINALLY!