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Yesterday in our Dealzmodo, we posted a link to a $40 Circuit City coupon, which could be used on a Wii if they were available this weekend. Then we saw this post on digg:


Circuit City is no longer participating in the AllConnect "Getting You Plugged In" Coupon Offers.

Because an error in production regarding limitations occurred, we had no choice but to expire this offer. We apologize for any convenience or disappointment this may cause you, our valued customer.


But the plot thickens within the digg comments (yes, I read comments)...

"Actually this is not Gizmodo's fault. Circuit City just changed the coupon. My boss and I are both looking for Wiis and I told him about it right away. He printed the coupon and then I went back to my desk to print mine. I saw the "excludes video game hardware" blurb and went to show him. He does not have that blurb. Both versions have the same serial number. Good thing we have a photocopy machine."


So not only was the coupon less-awesomefied by no longer applying to consoles, but later pulled completely (no longer applying to anything). Should companies be allowed to change offers in this manner...and is it me, or do retailers not take the online sector very seriously?

Non-Coupon Page [via digg]

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