In addition to Best Buy, the birdies are saying that Circuit City will also have Wii's in stock this Sunday, but the fun doesn't end there. Print out this awesome coupon to receive $40 off your purchase of $199 or more bringing the Wii down to $209. If you don't get a Wii, don't fret, just use the coupon on a giant TV or refrigerator to compensate for your loss.


Edit: Okay, so I can't read fine print worth a damn and didn't realize the $40 coupon excludes gaming hardware. Neverless, it is still a solid $40 off $200 coupon that can be used on mostly everything in the store. Sorry. Nevertheless the rumor is still true that CC may have Wii's in stock on Sunday, so happy line-waiting.

Coupon Page [Via TheWiiExperience]