Clap your hands if you believe: The Best of Faerie Erotica! [NSFW]

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Is there anything sexier than faeries? The little wings, the delicate features, the sexy magic... it should surprise nobody that the fae have been starring in their own porn for ages. Here's the sexiest, most enchanting fairy porn. It's NSFW!


Top Image: My Reflection by AutumnsGoddess at DeviantArt.

The exploration of a unique type of speculative sexiness is becoming kind of a holiday tradition at io9 — last year on December 24, we ran our exploration of the sex lives of giant women.

The cool thing about fairies is they're powerful and magical, but also sensuous. We're far from the first to notice the incredible erotic charge of the fae — some friends of ours used to run an amazing website called faeriefantasies, which is sadly down now. There's a whole Flickr group called FaerieFucks where people share their favorite faerie images.

And as you can imagine, there's a whole lot of cuteness and sweetness — as well as a good deal of sexiness and a fair bit of WTF — in faerie erotica.

So here are a bunch of our favorite faerie porn images — first some images of girls, then some of boys (just as a way of breaking up a huge gallery) — and then finally, a look at the all-time classic of kinky faerie porn.


Faerie Girls

They're ethereal, they're playful, and they love to cavort with mortals. They'll put a love spell on you and bring you into the service of Queen Titania. We love these lovely fairies:

Faerie Boys

We looked in vain for faerie-themed yaoi art, but we did find a lot of gorgeous images of male faeries. Check out these valiant faerie lords:

Bondage Fairies

You can't really discuss faerie porn without bringing up the classic (and often incredibly demented) comic Bondage Fairies, a manga comic that's been translated into English by a couple different publishers, most recently Eros Comics. As the name suggests, it's fairies getting tied up and using lust potions on each other — a lot. The disturbing part is that there's a large dose of bestiality mixed in, as the fairies hook up with all the creatures of the forest, in addition to each other. There are insects, snails, slugs, animals and all sorts of critters. Yes, it's seriously insane — it's basically like tentacle porn, only the tentacles are a lot more varied. Here are some of our favorite covers and a couple interior pages:




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