Clever Chargers Remind You to Plug in Your Phone Whenever You're Near Them

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There’s no point in buying a backup battery if you keep forgetting to top off your mobile devices before they die. So Griffin Technology’s new PowerBlock Beacon and PowerJolt Beacon external chargers will actually send your smartphone or tablet a notification when they’re nearby, reminding you to top off their batteries.

Both chargers connect to a free accompanying mobile app over Bluetooth that monitors the battery level on a smartphone or tablet. Users can specify at what charge level they usually begin to panic (10 percent battery, 20 percent battery, and so on) and the app will automatically remind them to connect to the PowerBlock Beacon or the PowerJolt Beacon whenever a Bluetooth connection is established, indicating the portable chargers are nearby.

Available in a few months, the $30 PowerJolt Beacon is designed to plug into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter providing a single USB port for charging a mobile device, while the $40 PowerBlock Beacon plugs into a standard wall outlet and instead provides two USB ports for charging multiple gadgets at the same time.


[Griffin Technology]

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