For those of us who can’t bear the thought of spending just a few minutes away from our social networks, let alone an entire night, our bedside smartphones double as an adequate alarm clock. But for those who are able to disconnect at bedtime, Lexon’s In-Out clock is a minimal but cleverly functional way to ensure your alarm is set before you drift off to sleep.

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Setting the time is made super easy with a pair of giant plus and minus buttons on the back for advancing the hours and minutes. And instead of having to deal with multiple button presses to set the alarm, a smaller LCD display pops-up on top with plus and minus buttons of its own on the back. When the smaller secondary display is up, your alarm is ready to go, and when it’s down, it won’t go off.

For $45 it’s an easy way to ensure you won’t accidentally sleep in come the morning, and it’s available in a slew of fun colors to help match your room’s decor.

[Lexon via Bookofjoe]

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