Illustration for article titled Clever Numbered Spoons Guarantee Youll Never Forget a Measurement

When you're working your way through all the ingredients in a complex recipe, you can easily lose track of how much of this or that you've measured. Or at least Japanese designer Atsuhiro Hayashi does, which inspired him to create a set of measuring spoons with numbers in relief that leave no question as to how much has been portioned.


Available in three common sizes: 15ml (1/2 fl oz), 5ml (1 teaspoon), and 2.5ml, the set of spoons can be yours from the Japan Trend Shop for just $17. And even if they're solving a kitchen problem that doesn't actually exist, they're still a neat way to easily identify which measuring spoon you're looking for while digging through a crowded kitchen drawer. [Japan Trend Shop via Atsuhiro Hayashi]

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