Clippy R.I.P. - The World Wasn't Ready For You?

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With recent tragedies surrounding our space an pornography programs, one major death has been passed over by the media. We are speaking of the late, not-necessarily-beloved Clippy who was brutally murdered out of Office 2007. Here is what Jensen Harris, Office Group Program Manager, had to say about the recent death.

One of the tenets that we had about the new UI in 2007 was that we only wanted to create one way to get to all features. We didn't want to have menus and toolbars and Clippy as parallel, slightly different ways of getting to the features, so Clippy as a way of helping you decode cryptic menus and toolbars didn't make sense, because we didn't have those cryptic menus and toolbars anymore...Although I think that social user interface wasn't ready for the mainstream yet


At the age of 10, Clippy was just a child at (his?) death. In private, Clippy often spoke of leaving the office behind for a simpler life. We hope that he found it...wherever he may be.

Also, I freaking hate Clippy.

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Clippy was cool- before he started following me around. He'd show up all the time and make pointless observations. I always felt bad telling him to go away because he always looked sad about it but he kept coming back at the worst possible times!

Then he'd show up when my other friends were around and they'd make fun of me because they all knew how lame he was. Eventually I had to give him the axe. It was sad. He kept asking me if I was sure I wanted him to go away forever. I was sure... I was sure...