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CLOO App Lets You Rent Your Bathroom to Strangers Because that's a Totally Safe and Normal Thing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Places I don't want complete strangers: #1, lying on top of my bed while I'm having sex. #2, relieving themselves inside my bathroom. CLOO thinks I'm in the minority, and is facilitating the latter. NO. NO NO NO. WHAT. NO.

The crew behind CLOO, who apparently think putting a sassy salsa soundtrack to their demo video somehow makes the notion of a stranger coming in off the street and taking a shit in your bathroom (or doing Christ only knows what else) more palatable, are incorrect in their assumption. Unless I need spare dollars to feed the worst heroin addiction mankind has ever known, or am conducting a social experiment to see how many times I can be strangled to death, I don't want strangers in my apartment using my bathroom. I don't want strangers in my apartment baking cakes. I don't want strangers in my apartment reading to me as I fall asleep. I don't want strangers in my apartment. I don't care if we have mutual friends on Facebook, as CLOO points to as a means of mitigating creepiness. Hey! It's still creepy! They're still strangers to me. I think the basic ground rule of If you don't have my phone number to personally call me for permission to use my toilet, the answer is no, works pretty well.


No matter how much snazzy UI work and Google Maps integration you throw at something, some ideas are just bad ideas at their very foundation. And now, I turn the hourglass over and wait until someone invests $25 million in this ludicrous idea. [CLOO via Laughing Squid]