Cloth: An App That Tells the World You Look Pretty, Oh So Pretty

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My wife tells me I dress like a hobo. So, when I actually dress like an adult ready to face the world, it's sort of a big deal. Cloth will help me remember the outfit my wife picked out for me and share it with my friends. Because there's no way I'm going to remember what pants I was wearing.

Wait, was I wearing pants?

While clearly marketed for the ladies, Cloth is actually quite helpful for slobs like myself. Find a outfit that works, take a photo of yourself wearing it, and tag it up. You can track how often you've worn the outfit, what event the outfit is suitable for, and share the outfit with your friends on Facebook. Hopefully your Facebook friends will tell you if something isn't working. You know, before you embarrass yourself in front of your boss or a date. [iTunes]