Cloverfield Graphic Novel + Last Shot Of Movie = Wink, Wink

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So Cloverfield came and shed the "is it just internet buzz?" curse of Snakes on a Plane this weekend by chewing up over $41 million bucks at the box office, and that's not including the bonus holiday Monday take. Although the film has been out only three days, there's already more monster-sized rumormongering going on. Consider this your spoiler warning, dorkaholics!

Remember this last shot in the film of our intrepid heroes at Coney Island, enjoying a post-coital day of amusement? Apparently something huge splashes down into the ocean in the background. We missed it, but if you couple it with the translation from the graphic novel that says the Japanese Tagruato corporation's satellite fell from orbit, then bingo. You've got the alarm clock that woke up the monster from its deep-sea slumber. We have no idea if it's true or not, but there you have it. We now promise you a Cloverfield free week from here on out. Well, maybe.