Cobalt Pocketwatch Gadget Concept Revolutionizes Foppery

Illustration for article titled Cobalt Pocketwatch Gadget Concept Revolutionizes Foppery

Even before wrist watches—and now cellphones—replaced the pocket watch in the everyman's wardrobe, pulling something out of a pocket and flipping over a cover just to tell the time was known to be inconvenient. (Wait, isn't that how cellphones work now?) This Cobalt concept, on the other hand, improves the pocket watch by shoving a small computer inside, letting you get temperature, your email, the time, the date, text messages and all kinds of nonsensical crap inside. Yeah, the interface is a bit cluttered, but the idea of shoving a connected PDA inside a pocket watch is something we could get behind—that is if our cellphones didn't already do the same thing. [Yanko Design]


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all it needs is GOOD font choices... those above are TERRIBLE. however, i do love this concept. i'd definitely buy one ;)