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I'm still not clear on exactly what's legal when it comes to radar detectors, but if Cobra is sellin' them, I can't see anything wrong with buying them. And if you want an even bigger bang for your radar buck, check out the two new digital radar/laser detectors that claim to feature the industry's first color video displays. The XRS9930 and XRS9830 detectors both include the Extreme Bright DataGrafix(TM) color display that features alert screens and icons like car battery voltage, signal strength and eight-point digital compass. The XRS9930 has a full-color display and retails for $219.95 while the XRS9830 has a bi-color display and goes for $209.95.

New Features and Advances in Technology Drive Cobra's 2006 Line of Innovative Radar Detectors; Industry Leader First to Offer Color Displays in Its Digital Radar/Laser Detec