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Coca-Cola's 100-Flavor Soda Fountain of the Future

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Originally codenamed "Jet," Coca Cola's top secret flavor bomb now known as "FreeStyle" is poised to give adventurous palettes 100 different beverage options in a single machine.

The machine is more technologically complex than you'd imagine. The "PurePour" technology was originally developed to measure extremely precise amounts of dialysis and cancer drugs. Beyond that, RFID scanners are used to match cartridges to dispensers, and the onboard computer confirms everything is in place. Existing soda fountains use five-gallon concentrate bags and lots of backroom labor. Now all that is required is a highly concentrated 46-ounce cartridge inside a self-contained machine.

Using a touchscreen UI, customers can navigate through the dizzying array of sodas, flavored waters, energy drinks and other beverages in what appears to be a fairly straightforward way. The machines are currently being tested in Georgia, California, and Utah, but Coca-Cola plans to roll out 60 additional dispensers across the country by the end of the summer. [Fast Company]