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Cockroach-Inspired Robot Survives 8-Story Fall, Will Outlive Us All

DASH, a UC Berkeley-designed, cockroach-inspired robot, manages to take what makes cockroaches so resilient and even retain the cockroach's singularly creepy movement. This thing is near-indestructible.


The 10-cm long DASH, which stands for Dynamic Autonomous Sprawled Hexapod, weighs only 16 grams, yet is able to run 15 times its body length per second. It has a uniquely flexible design from nearly all sides that allows it to survive pretty much anything, including a drop eight stories above the ground. It's actually made of what's basically laminated cardboard, which means it's a very cheap robot to build as well. Check out the video—this thing is crazy. [Thanks, Aaron!]

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Ebichuman - イカせてみせます、今夜こそ!

And yet, it can't go anywhere but straight. Not-so-awesome. #dash