Coinstar Lets You Trade Change for iTunes Music

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Coinstar, the company's whose coin counting machines transform loose change into cold hard cash at grocery stores across the country, recently introduced a program that allows patrons to cash their coins in exchange for gift cards and eCertificates redeemable at various retailers, including Apple's iTunes Music Store. The program also has the added benefit of not charging the usual 8.9 percent processing fee, allowing users to obtain the complete value of their coinage. Other retailers included in the Coinstar program include, Borders, Hollywood Video, Virgin Digital and Starbucks, ruler of Earth. Only certain Coinstar machines are capable of dispensing the gift cards, so be sure to check the company's Web site for participating Coinstar machine locations.


Skip the Coin-Counting Fee at Select Coinstar Centers and Get a Gift Card or eCertificate [Coinstar via Shiny Shiny]