Coleman FlashCell Cordless Screwdriver Charges in 90 Seconds

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If you're like us, you might use a cordless screwdriver once a year, long enough for its charge to trickle away. But get this: The Coleman FlashCell Cordless Screwdriver will be ready for you in a jiffy, charging in 90 seconds or less. That's because it's not charging batteries, it's charging a large capacitor, sucking up the juice and getting you back to your screwing duties lickety-split (yikes, how many double entendres can I use in one sentence?).


The Popular Mechanics reviewer says it'll last a little less than two thirds as long as a regular rechargeable screwdriver on a charge, but then, you can plug it in, and a minute and a half later it's ready to go again. Only drawback we can see? It's $99.99. [Popular Mechanics, via Oh Gizmo]


Maxwell's Nylon Hammer

You lot are very short sighted. This is a fantastic idea and something I'm sure we'll be seeing more and more of, especially in these non hardcore applications.

Consider something rechargeable that you use very rarely. You either leave it plugged in forever and it cooks the battery or you charge it as needed and are forced to wait 2 hours while it charges.

This is a handy-man tool, it's not designed to be used that often, just pick it up, bung it in the charger and come back and use it to undo your CPU case, tighten a hinge etc. You won't be putting concrete anchors in with it, hence it's short run life.

You use it for a bit, stick it back in the charger, do something else, use it again etc. This is really really nifty. As the price of super capacitors comes down, this kind of charging will be everywhere and it'll be fantastic. I'm also willing to bet super-caps last a lot longer than rechargeable batteries, whatever flavour they are.

Nice work Coleman.