Colorado Woman Flips the Script and Molests TSA Agent

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61-year-old Yukari Mihamae was flying home to Colorado on Thursday. She walks through Terminal 4 at Arizona's Sky Harbor Airport, and, as expected, is faced with the TSA. But its Mihamae that did the groping this time.


According to the Daily Mail:

Police said she is accused of grabbing the agent's 'left breast through her clothing and squeezing and twisting it with both hands without the victim's permission'.

From the way it sounds, Mihamae minced no words about whether or not she squeezed that breast when the police came for her. Oh yeah, she did it. And after resisting arrest, she was taken into custody and brought to Maricopa County Jail. She's now up on felony charges for sexual abuse.

It's not clear why Mihamae groped the TSA agent. But, if I had to guess, she probably asked "How would you feel if I did this to you?" during her screening. All's fair in love and war? [Daily Mail, Fox News]


Groan, moan. I'm shocked at how many people want to make this crazy person out to be a hero. We've all flown, and we've all been through TSA checks. Is it annoying? Of course it is. Is it so annoying that it justifies sexual assault? Absolutely not.

I have been inconvenienced by plenty of screenings, and I have been pulled aside for more thorough searches. I have never felt violated, nor have I felt as if the agent was enjoying feeling me up. It's a process, and nothing more.

This is no more idiotic than somebody giving their doctor a black eye for touching them. If you don't want these agents to do their job, then find another way to get where you're going. If you think it should be illegal, then start a movement. Until then, put your crap in a zip lock bag, take off your shoes, and shut the hell up. There are people behind you who don't want to be late.