If you still can't bring yourself to buy an Xbox 360 Elite—even though its HDMI gives you the best output—take a look at Colorware. Yes, the same people who are coloring up Sidekick 3s, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros are helping you enhance your Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3s.


Prices start at just $99 for a complete one color job, but start to get higher as you start to make garish neon green accents and a safety orange face. They'll even throw in a free controller coloring, but each subsequent one costs you $25. Or, if you don't actually have a console yet, you can buy one outright from these guys already colored.

Despite not really being into the coloring scene, we're actually warming up to the idea of having our consoles modded for just about a hundred bucks.

Product Page [ColorwarePC]

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