Customized MacBook Pro at ColorWare

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ColorWare's finally gotten around to adding the MacBook Pro to their line-up of color customizable machines. Only the 15" for now, $2449 for the 1.83 GHz model and $2949 for the 2 GHz. Each one can be painted in your choice of 24 standard colors and ships in two to three weeks after you order.


MacBook Pro [ColorWare]



I had my MacBook Pro done by Colorware. The workmanship was "okay" but the customer service was by far the worst experience I have ever had.

The system was initially returned to me within a reasonable amount of time given the work involved (4-6 weeks) but the motherboard was damaged. I had obvious video display problems but it was only obvious when using the system, you couldn't tell if you just glanced at it. You would see random horizontal lines of garbage in both OSX and Vista. It was not OS, and after some online research - several users saw a problem in their logic board and Apple fixed it. So great, there's a solution and I'm within my RMA window - I'll just send it back.

I sent the laptop back 2-day FedEx (I paid, no RMA package from them BTW). I didn't hear from them for 2 weeks and then contacted them. It took them 3 weeks to say that they had difficulties looking up my motherboard replacement. I asked them to update me weekly. Another 2 weeks go by and I threaten them with legal action if something isn't done or something isn't explained to me, it's now been 3 months since I've used my laptop.

They shipped 4 days after my threat but with no email, no phone call, and zero communication. I just basically got a FedEx box and found my laptop in it. Too bad I had to call them back again, they forgot to send me all my RAM. At least this time they responded and sent me another package. But they sent me 512MB instead of 1GB even though their own packaging slip inside the box reads 1GB RAM. Almost a week after I received my laptop after 3 months of being in Colorware's hands, and I'm still waiting on the rest of my RAM.


I can't complain too much about the paint job (sans one chipped corner on the battery that they finger nail polished over) but God I hope no one has to deal with their customer service folks. And if you do, record every conversation. If you call them, email to yourself and Colorware with an outline of your conversation and any action items from that conversation (if you can get a hold of them).

I wanted to send the owner a letter of frustration and recommendation for changes in their support process (given that not all companies are alike and I've had encounters with other companies that made me feel even better about them after a mishap). Unfortunately, they're withholding all information besides their public facing email address.

If you have the money to buy the service, then you can probably afford to be without a laptop for awhile. If not and you just love your MacBook Pro (like I do), then the process is long and painful.

In the end, I can't say it was worth it. I will never recommend them to anyone.