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I've just been informed that, yes, people still "pimp" things out, no matter how silly the term seems. Uncrate put together a list of 10 items that will make your MacBook, um, really pimp, I guess. There's the usual assortment of software, like Windows XP, which may or may not have more street cred than Mac OS X, and Parallels Desktop, the VMware-like software that lets you run Windows alongside Mac OS X; the ubiquitous RAM upgrade; various carrying bags and cases also populate the list.

The most eye-catching, thereby the most "pimp," however, is the Colorware custom paint job. Just like in that MTV show about turning old piece of junk cars into painted over old piece of junk cars, Colorware will paint your MacBook for $450 with one of 28 different colors. If you want, they'll even mix paints for an extra $100. While you're at it, send 'em your Mighty Mouse or battery and for $20 they'll paint it for you.


There you go, pimp'd out MacBook. How proud you must feel.

Pimp Your MacBook [Uncrate]

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