Combination Computer and Kitchen Eliminates the Need to Walk to the Fridge

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This space-saving concept chills your food, makes your coffee, and checks your email all from a single piece of furniture, ensuring that you are never more than a few feet away from your snacks or your screen.

The concept design from Petr Kubik has our urban future in mind, trading a kitchen filled with individual appliances for a single piece of furniture that encompasses them all. From this table, you can search your email for your grandma's recipe for rump roast, pull the meat from a refrigerator compartment beneath the surface, eat on the easy-to-clean surface, and heat up the leftovers later inside a retractable microwave. At the push of a button, storage compartments pop open and water boilers, toasters, and dishware containers spring from the surface. The base of the table is connected to electricity, water, waste, and the Internet, for one-stop researching, cooking, eating, and cleaning.

It's certainly convenient, and it'll add a touch of space shuttle chic to cramped city apartments, but its presence in your home seems to demand special willpower. After all, your computer workspace would be the same place where you store your cold cuts and peanut butter, and dinner conversation could easily fall by the wayside when pitted against tabletop RSS feeds and Twitter. For now, though, it's just a concept, so you'll have to settle for a refrigerator fifteen feet away from your desk, and eating in front of the TV.