Comcast Cancellation Hell, Floating Prisons, Viral Hoaxes, and More

What a week! We debunked some more of those dumb fake images you've seen on social media; we shot down the notion that smartphones will kill GoPro; we looked at the jet we could've had if we hadn't blown all that money on the F-35; and more!

12 More Viral Photos That Are Lying to You


One fake, two fakes. Red fakes, blue fakes. Today we've got more fake images that you may have seen recently on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else you get your daily dose of pixel-based newstainment.

It's Completely Absurd How Hard It Is to Cancel Comcast

Have you ever tried to cancel your cable service? Have you ever successfully tried to cancel your cable service? It may very well be one one of the hardest things you ever have to do—just ask Ryan Block. Or better yet, listen to the whole, infuriating 8 minutes for yourself. Holy. Shit.

My Life in Canadian Netflix Hell


I'm American, but I've spent a big chunk of the last eight years in Canada, first for affordable education, and then for love. Canada is a gentle foster motherland, suckling me on her polite, maple-flavored bosom. But Netflix here is some bootleg FUBAR bullshit.

Why Tesla's Model 3 Could Be the Most Important Electric Car Ever


Tesla's next electric car officially has a name: The Model 3. It seems like an all-around average sedan, no crazy up-swinging falcon doors or other outlandishness. Even the $35,000 price is pedestrian. It's also what could make it as important to automotive history as the Model T.

The World's Largest Floating Prison Is In NYC


Docked off the Bronx in Long Island Sound, the Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center prison barge is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest operational prison ship in the world. Yet many New Yorkers might be surprised to find out it exists.

A Tweetbot Caught the Russian Gov't Editing Flight MH17 Wikipedia Info


Remember @CongressEdits, the tweetbot that alerts whenever a Wikipedia article is edited from a government IP address? There's a Russian version now, and it just uncovered some pretty drastic edits to a Wikipedia article that mentions Flight MH17, originating from a Russian government IP address.

No, Smartphones Aren't Going To Kill GoPro


GoPro saw its stock dive this morning, after some bad press predicted that its action cams are destined to go the way of the dodo thanks to smartphone cameras. Untrue! Here's why.

The Fighter Jet We Could Have Built Instead of the F-35


The mid-1990s found the U.S. military in need of a low-cost, supersonic stealth fighter jet that all three armed services branches could field. Easy, right? The subsequent—and highly contentious—design competition between Boeing and Lockheed saw the winner take home a $200 billion defense contract, which in turn became the debacle we know as the F-35. But what about the plane we could have had instead?

I Was Hidden on This Guy's Hard Drive for Over Six Years


Six years ago, photographer Joey L. was accidentally caught on film by a fellow snapper. Six years later, the pair discovered they'd been within meters—and caught each other on camera. Here, we republish Joey L.'s account of what happened.

Bloomberg Terminals Have a Secret Craigslist for Crazy Rich People


For about $2,000 a month, Bloomberg Terminals seem like a tremendous waste of money for anyone but the avid trader. But! Did you know that insane price comes with access to a special classifieds section, populated exclusively with stuff from other overpaid Bloomberg subscribers? It's called POSH, and it's kind of amazing.

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