Illustration for article titled Comcast Gives Away Free HDMI Cables (If You Ask)

A Comcast cable guy just told me that if you go to swap out your composite or component DVR/cable box for an HDMI-friendly one, and you specifically ask for an HDMI cable, they'll give you one at no charge. It's not super long, but it should do the trick in most cases. Even if you don't need one, it never hurts to ask while you're there, at least as long as the retail cartel is selling HDMI at 9000% markup to make up for lost TV profits. [Thanks, Cable Guy!] Update: Some people tell me that this isn't the case in their region. I say it's still worth trying, but don't be shocked if the person behind the counter laughs at you for imagining that the cable company gave anything away for free.


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