When Brandon Dilbeck wrote about how shitty his Comcast service was on his no-traffic Blogspot blog, he didn't think anyone was watching. But this guy was. And when he received an email from Comcast support that directly addressed his specific problem shortly after his post went up, he understandably got a little freaked out.

The email came from Frank Eliason, whom the NY Times has a great story on this morning. He's a Comcast rep who constantly monitors blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook comments and everything in between for gripes about Comcast, then responds directly to the complainer to "clear the air." He's done this well over a thousand times in the 7 months he's been on the job.


Direct one-on-one service sure beats spending days of your life on hold with support only to find there's no cable being run to your house, and definitely no hard feelings for Frank, who is just doing his job and doing it well it sounds like, but leave it to Comcast to instill what could be a good thing with such overt Orwellian creepiness. [New York Times]

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