Comcast's X1 OS Can Now Stream Video From Smartphones to Your TV

Comcast's X1 entertainment OS is getting a big update which will improve features across the platform's services, and also introduces a slew of new ones to the mix as well. The result will change how you use Comcast services across your TVs, mobiles devices, and computers.

Comcast is billboarding the X1's new livestreaming capability that lets you shoot video with a mobile phone in one place and view it on a television somewhere else. The company provides is own hypothetical that certainly makes this sound useful:

Imagine you're in Philadelphia and can live stream your son's tee-ball game to his grandparents' TV in San Francisco," said Marcien Jenckes, Executive Vice President of Consumer Services for Comcast Cable.


In terms of features you'll probably use more often, the OS is getting a series of interface and programming tweaks that'll improve user experience. For example, many programs will now be available for on-demand streaming directly after they air, so you won't have to wait a short period of time. Additionally, there will be a couple of new apps, including a Xfinity Home App that'll let you control your thermostat and set up some lighting automation.

It's a ton of tiny tweaks, but they're likely to noticeably improve the user experience of X1. Imagine that—a cable company improving its products.

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