Comedian Stephen Fry Blogs Spectacularly About Smartphones

British comedian Stephen Fry is awesome in a way similar to Ricky Gervais or Hugh Laurie (his previous showbiz partner), but writing 10,000 words about smartphones just put him over the top into living idol territory. You can't tell from his public persona, but he's apparently a huge nerd, knowing intricate details such as how Xerox PARC helped develop the basis for much of our current computer UIs, how the Palm Foleo was horrific, how comparing Windows Mobile to the iPhone is faulty at best, and how you're supposed to use the Missing Sync to sync your phones on the Mac (holy crap).

Besides just having as deep a knowledge of smartphones as most gadget bloggers we've seen, he also offers many, many, many insights only a comedian of his caliber can. These choice quotes were picked by Wired and BB Gadgets:

We know what an insult to the human spirit were some of the monstrosities constructed in past decades. An office with strip lighting, drab carpets, vile partitions and dull furniture and fittings is unacceptable these days, as much perhaps because of the poor productivity it engenders as the assault on dignity it represents.

Well, computers and SmartPhones are no less environments: to say "well my WinMob device does all that your iPhone can do" is like saying my Barratt home has got the same number of bedrooms as your Georgian watermill, it's got a kitchen too, and a bathroom."

Sony Ericsson M600i: "Just how dumb are the software engineers, designers and marketeers at Sony E? [It's] the clumsiest, most asinine method of internet connection ever devised.

We spend our lives inside the virtual environment of digital platforms - why should a faceless, graceless, styleless nerd or a greedy hog of a corporate twat deny us simplicity, beauty, grace, fun, sexiness, delight, imagination and creative energy in our digital lives?


And one of our favorites, about Windows Mobile:

Let's look at the WinMob now. The HTC Touch is called (by idiots) an iPhone killer because it comes without a keyboard and makes a brief and rather feeble nod towards the idea of a strokeably operated touch-screen offering a silly cube transformation effect with big buttons. Oh, and the Touch is WinMob 6 rather than 5 (you won't notice the difference - a quite cool coloured line fribble in the agenda which shows you which days of the week are busy is the best addition, otherwise it's virtually indistinguishable from WM5).

If you're reading this Stephen—and based on how much you keep up with gadgets, we bet you are—we hope to see many more posts from you like this in the future.

[Stephen Fry via Wired via Boing Boing Gadgets]


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