Comment of the Day

Hey commenters: Despite what we may say to one another, I know deep down we are one big happy family. So after sifting through the daily dose of "Will it blend?"s, "DO (NOT) WANT"s, insane rants, conspiracy theories, and this well-crafted missive, I found something that was both funny and out of the ordinary, and it represents how much you all mean to me. True, it did come from the legend Strider_mt2k, but this is good advice for you up-and-comers who hope to see your own comment up in the bright lights one day. So here it is, your comment of the day, a quick one-liner found on the Massive Lens post:

Holy Milton Berle that thing's huge!

Well done Strider, well done. [Comment Link, Explanation for the kiddies]


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