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No longer content with selling 50-gallon drums of Tide, caskets, and delicious yogurt parfaits, Costco has teamed up with Greensight Technologies to offer you gift cards for recycling your old electronics. I have a few useless gadgets laying around, plus some prized electronic treasures. I decided to see what Costco would offer me for the good, the bad and the ugly. Here's what they initially offered:

  • Treo 650 - $80
  • PSP - $62
  • Xbox (original) - $35
  • Wii - $128
  • 60 GB iPod Video - $108

Of course, after they entice you with the original offer, you have to go through a series of questions about the quality of the products. After answering these, the offers were looking more like this:

  • Treo 650 - $72
  • PSP - $50
  • Xbox (original) - $33
  • Wii - $122
  • 60 GB iPod Video - $102

Either way I think it's a pretty good deal for the stuff I don't plan to keep, namely the Treo, the PSP and the original Xbox. I'd hate to see them end up in a landfill. Best of all, Costco is offering free shipping so the only sacrifice you have to make is the time it takes to pack and send the items. I'll be sending away for the boxes today and keep you updated on my progress. I hope you do the same, and let us know how it goes. [Costco via Consumerist]


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