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Hey kiddos, it's easy to sign up to comment on our fabulous posts. All you have to do is fill out your witty, clever and spellchecked comment then select a username and password. You comment won't appear at first because we have to approve you as a worthy commenter. Be nice, though. We regularly execute commenters.

Tip of the Day
Like to use bold, italics or strike-thru? You can do it in your comments. Some of you crazy folks may even try all three! For bold, simply slap <b> and </b> around whatever you want bolded. The same applies for italics and strike-thru (<i> </i> , <s> </s>). Don't forget to close your tags, though. Or we will bust out the ban hammer.


Update: Well I'll be damned, strike-thru doesn't work in the comments. I guess you folks will have to do without and save the strike-thru'ing for us.

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