Companies Unlocking iPhones?

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At the moment, this is not much more than a website sucking email addresses from innocent victims. But if what they claim is true, has unlocked 1,917 iPhones from the shackles of AT&T service.


Apparently the company sent out legions of black-shirted employees to Apple launches in NYC. If anyone wants to test the site on a dumby email and a spare iPhone, hit the comments to let us know how it went. And while you're at it, check out this site that claims to soon be unlocking iPhones for $19 a pop as pointed out by ArsTechnica. Too bad neither of these companies can magically add 3G and EV-DO while they're at it.

iPhone Unlocking [via NYCtalk]

Unlocking iPhones a Reality? [arstechnica]



Apple isn't gonna be pleased. They didn't even make their own graphics, as the web page source shows they are just leaching off the apple reader page graphics.

This is a fake, and it surprises me it took this long for someone to make this.