CompUSA Gets Crazy with Laptop Pricing

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And you thought that $398 laptop at Walmart the day after Thanksgiving was cheap! Fuhgeddaboutit. CompUSA can beat that. On Sunday, the computer company was selling a Toshiba laptop with a 15-inch screen, 1.5GHz Celeron M processor, 256MB of memory and a 60GB hard drive for $150, after $550 in rebates and signing away your life to AOL for one year. It lasted only 16 hours, but even with the AOL thrown in that's a darn good deal. And then, to go one step further, the retailer offered a $99 Compaq desktop with an AMD processor, 17-inch CRT monitor, 256MB of memory, an 80GB hard drive and a CD-RW drive—also after about $480 worth of rebates. Obviously it's a ploy to get warm bodies into the store and spending money. Brian Woods, executive vice president and general merchandising manager of CompUSA, reported the company sold 7500 Toshiba notebooks in just 2 hours, while 7500 desktop bundles were also sold during the day. But don't fret, though the laptops were completely sold out, some of those desktops are still around, so I suggest checking your CompUSA flyer this weekend if you're looking for a deal.


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