Constellation Lampshade Projects the Starry Sky Across Your Ceiling

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If you live in a big city with enough streetlights to drown out the stars for miles in all directions, you can still catch a glimpse of the cosmos in the comfort of your own home with Anna Farkas' 2500 Watt lampshade.

The artist has painstakingly drilled holes in the shade for all of the major stars we can see in the night sky that make up the constellations—and a few others for added atmosphere. And if you're having trouble spotting which is which, the inside of the shade features connect-the-dot hints letting you distinguish Leo from Cancer. We'd say you'll need to bring your own lighting hardware and bulb, but it's a moot point since this looks like a one-off piece that Anna seemingly has no intentions of putting into production. Unless, somehow, the stars align. Sorry.


[Anagraphric via Notcot]