Consumers Don't Care About Phone Features, Are Sheep

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According to J.D. Power and Associates, the average Joe Twelve-Pack doesn't care about phone features. He wants something that's cheap and looks purdy, hence the meteoric rise of Motorola's four-letter phones. 39 percent of the users survey named style as the number one reason for picking their phones and 29 percent like their phones because they were free.

Just 12 percent of the users cited a color screen as a reason for buying their phone, the same percentage who were swayed by the fact that it had a digital camera. In addition, only 12 percent said they bought a particular model because it offered a speakerphone, though 26 percent of respondents said they use that feature regularly—three to five times per week. The phone's overall variety of features was cited by 16 percent of the consumers.

Apparently, all this fancy Bluetooth isn't working on America's phone-buying public. They like things because they're shiny.


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