Contact: Watch McConaughey Do Sci-Fi Before Interstellar

The only movie that anyone's been able to talk about this week is Interstellar, which by all accounts is incredible. But if, like me, you haven't made it all the way to a movie theatre to catch it, you can at least see the lead actor in one of his earlier sci-fi attempts.


Contact is the film adaptation of Carl Sagan's timeless novel of the same name. It's got all of the hallmarks of '90s sci-fi: lots of computer words thrown together until they make sense, the hapless scientist fighting against time, trigger-happy generals, and the obligatory CGI shots of the earth to tie things together.

It's directed by Robert Zemeckis, and whilst not his finest effort, it's a perfect Saturday night in — even if McConaughey is more philosopher than space traveler. [$3 streaming]

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Wow, way too negative a review of Contact.