Do you want to win a Nokia 810 internet tablet—the tablet that lets you browse the net no matter where you are? All you have to do is enter our contest. It's simple.

Just take a picture of yourself browsing Gizmodo in the most inappropriate place possible. Examples are heading to the doctor's office and loading up Gizmodo on the receptionist's computer, or going down to the police station and loading us up on some cop's machine. Or, if you've got access and aren't afraid of a little thing called getting arrested, load Gizmodo on some stadium's jumbotron. Show us you gotta get your Giz fix no matter where you are. These have to be real pictures with you and the Gizmodo website visible in them, which means NO PHOTOSHOPS.


Send in your photos to with the subject "Nokia 810 Contest". Contest ends 11/17. Standard Gawker Contest Rules apply.

Sponsored by: Nokia 810 Internet Tablet. The internet you're used to, in places you're not.