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Control Your PC From an iPhone

Illustration for article titled Control Your PC From an iPhone

Here's a free way to control your PC from an iPhone, thanks to Nate True at Using TightVNC, software that lets you remotely control your PC desktop (sorry, it's not Mac-friendly yet), he's made a couple of simple changes that let you use the iPhone's touchscreen interface to control your PC from afar. Here's how it works:

It's just a matter of downloading a few files, extracting them and running them on your PC, setting a default password and then typing your computer's IP address into your iPhone in Safari's address bar. Suddenly your iPhone can left and right click, scroll up and down, enter text and drag-and-drop stuff on your PC's desktop, using your iPhone's touchscreen, zoomerific interface.


The downsides? You might have to configure your router to forward port 5800. We also noticed you're going to need to do lots of zooming on that desktop, because that text looks awfully small on the iPhone screen. Even so, this looks like tons of fun, and we intend to try it. Download the files at the link below, and let us know about your results. []

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Wait — how is this magic? I agree with GREG3D... It's been done for years on other devices, but no mention of that. Now it's been "invented" on some Apple product and all of a sudden it's maaaaaagic. Please, just how arrogant can fanboys get? Oh, right :p

It's all good fun and I'm not saying it doesn't work, isn't cool or that Apple sucks or down with the iPhone — just stop proclaiming all things Apple as unique or revolutionary. Ignorance might be bliss, but it's annoying to the rest of us.

P.S. As a graphic designer I use all products, like 'em or not, be it MS, Apple, etc. Each has its strengths, its unique features, but neither is all encompassing or supreme.