Contura Ring Profiles Your Love

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I can think of no better gift to a loved one than a picture of myself. But ink, even in its timeless fashion, often fails to capture the true essence of my visage. That's why the Contura ring appeals to me so. I merely send in a profile shot and luxury gift supplier Fitzsu will make a ring from the shape. A stainless steel version will run $625—of course non-precious metals would never do—though the more suitable gold version will certainly weigh down the pocketbook at $5,730. But knowing that I can pass the God-given gift that is my face to another this holiday season? How can one place a price upon perfection? [product via gadgetlab]


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A jig? Is your lathe run by a watermill too? Go CNC man.

But yeah, you could have this done in stainless at any machine shop in the country for ~$100, and most of that cost is the polishing. Of course, there's also your time in creating the 2D profile from a photo, sourcing the shop, etc. Given that, their $625 price isn't that far out of line considering they have to make money on it too.

That's going to be one heavy ass ring in gold though. Try titanium instead.