Convincing, Unconfirmed iPad 2 Pic Surfaces (Updated)

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The closer we get to this Wednesday's iPad 2 announcement, the more last-minute leaks and rumors and, hey, lies, why not, will hit critical mass. But this purported picture over at BGR seems close enough to the real thing, based on everything we think we know so far: rear-facing camera, flat back, speaker on the bottom. To the point that even if this isn't a shot of the actual iPad 2, it's probably close enough to give you a sense of what we're in for.


Update: BGR now acknowledges that this particular iPad 2 image is likely a render. But, again, don't be surprised if the real deal actually looks a lot like this—although maybe without that rear camera? We'll find out Wednesday! [BGR]



Awesome, same tired iPad, same components, same O/S, same camera, same apps, same crap, still no flash. Yeah i think ill stick to the Google tablet from motorola.