Cookie Finder for iPhone: GET YOUR GIRL SCOUT COOKIES

My friend once told me his favorite season that wasn't actually a season (spring, fall, etc.) or a sports season (NFL, NBA, etc.) was Girl Scout Cookies Season. I laughed in front of his face until I realized hey, that's my favorite non-season season too. And it's probably yours too. And you're probably wondering where you can get those delicious cookies right about now.

What does it do?

Samoas. Thin Mints. Trefoils. And everything in between. This Cookie Finder app uses your iPhone's GPS to figure out where you can buy Girl Scout Cookies. You can sort all the sellers by date, radius or see them all on a map and ask yourself, how bad do you want the tasty treat. Even better, if there are no cookies in your area, the app will connect you to the local council to personally find out when and where you can find cookies near you.


Why do we like it?

Aside from the fact that Girl Scout Cookies are beyond the realms of deliciousness and that the app helps you find them? Well, what about this: the app has cookie notifications. Cookie notifications! Seriously, it asks you whether you'll "Allow cookie notifications". What kind of sick bastard would say no? It's the best push notifications I've ever seen in my life. Think about it, just having a miserable rainy monday where nothing goes right and then all of a sudden, badadading. Alert. Oh what is this? GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!? Best. Day. Ever.

Cookie Finder

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